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In 1999 BandX, formerly known as Shanti, started producing music.
They forged on a completely new direction, going from synth-pop to techno electronic music. The band decided to take on this new style after their two original members, Chris Milas and Asif Chowdhury, went their separate ways. Asif remained in Chicago while Chris sought other opportunities back in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was at that very point when Asif formed the band to gain its own unique techno-electronic twist. Soon thereafter, all musical compositions and lyrics were written, produced, and performed by Asif Chowdhury. From September of 1999 through December of 2000 BandX went into the studio and put out 11 great pieces. They placed it on many free MP3 sites to see how well they'd be accepted. in Early 2004 Asif Chowdhury Stepped back into the Studio with a re-energized sense after the 2003 EP "Marks the Spot". This was a mediocre attempt by the band, but plans were already forming for a resurgence album. Thus "11R6" came to fruition. The pieces were set, and "11R6" was released in April of 2005 to an online audience. In 2008 BandX released its creation: "Planet". Following a very successful release with "11R6", "Planet" did it again with techno break beats and Trance rhythms to raise the bar for BandX music. It was now a completely polished sound. By the end of 2009 Asif had an idea to write an album in tribute to on of his favorite television shows: Doctor Who. He started in April of the following year after making a move down to Dallas, TX. One by one the songs started falling into place. By the end of October of 2010 he had a winning album ready for production. In the Summer of 2011 Who was picked up by the Tate Music Group from Oklahoma. It was the next step in the evolution of BandX. In 2015 BandX put out LCD a brooding, serious album about addiction to the digital screen. It went well and is sold on CD Baby as well. A year and half later the band decided to come right back with a happier sister album: LED. A much more tongue-in-cheek look at "Life in the so called 'Information Age'". We hope you like it. 'Cause the band really enjoyed making this new one. Anyway, we're always here to produce more music for you. Thanks for being a fan.

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