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BandXUSA - Who "Transcendental"


Written Date:
Wednesday September 8th, 2010
Published Date:
Wednesday September 8th, 2010
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through time and space
a day
with greatest haste
with nothing...
to say
I can see the magic...
of the doctor's new plan
He will take us all around
the stars in the sand

The usual meteoric rise
of such a reckless lord of time
is silly and progressively
entirely unheard of
He and I are symbiotic
time fanatic
and whatever atics
he is ready
we'll explain now

We dematerialize
through universal eyes
We slip right through a star
and travel oh so far.
I'm bigger in than out
My strength is full throughout
I am so relative...

companions often tell us
that he has no control
We bounce around in time and space
Type forty he stole
A thousand years he's lived
and yet I'm not yet repaired
Externally my look and feel
is static and flaired

My Navigation,
and chamele-on,
and tempo-ral
are circuits
that he has neglected
to repa-air
The Doctor's taken
me around the stars
and traveled to
the distant parts
of universal time
and space lo-ca-tions

(Verse 3)
Enemeies are always
trying to take me away
The Doctors saved me more than once
He'll come as I pray
I've given him escape from them
sometimes in a rush
I've taken him away sometimes
before some big crush

The Daleks
cybermen, sontarens
master, rani, jagrofatz,
silurian, sea devils,
and some rather nasty creatures
have all decided to become a
threat to all the good
that we have done
the universe throughout
and all its features

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