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BandXUSA - Who "Traveler"


Written Date:
Thursday June 3rd, 2010
Published Date:
Thursday June 3rd, 2010
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(Verse 1)
I've gone so far...
It's nearly torn me down
I've gone so long
alone without a sound
I need to display
The things that I have seen
I need to portray
my life as so serene...

Travel through time
Travel through space
Travel in dimensions to
a different place

Travel with style
Travel with grace
Travel with companions
Without a trace.

(verse 2)
I've made some friends...
They came from far away
One or two joined
they said they want to stay
I've lost some souls...
before some battles won
It all took tolls
Through what we had done.

(Verse 3)
Time will come
I'll bend the rules too far
The lords will call
and steer me from afar
It's all done
Lost too many lives
I'm on the run
Played while they have strived.

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