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BandXUSA - Marks the Spot "New World Order"


Written Date:
Wednesday January 16th, 2002
Published Date:
Wednesday January 16th, 2002
Track #:
Marks the Spot
Song Length:
File Size:
7.52 MB


People out in the darkness
have made this world so small.
There's a million voices chanting loud
and my mind won't ignore this call.
All my neurons are churnin'.
A plan has brought new light.
The rythmic sounds of human praise
is gently pushin' right.

for the New World Order.
Try, Try, try,
as we build it again.

Armies marchin' against us.
The amunition whines.
Countless soldiers fall from grace,
while surpassing enemy lines.
All this death and the carnage
My faith lies with this cause.
I taking a moment breaking shame,
and I mourn the terrible loss.

(Music Interlude)

Plans are comin' together.
Deplomacy has won.
United factions of our race,
the collection's just begun.
New adverntures beginning
Humanity will shine
I give you tales of wonderous dreams
and our future becons time
(refrain) x 4
(Music epilogue).

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