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BandXUSA - LED "Power"


Written Date:
Friday February 17th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday March 7th, 2017
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Song Length:
File Size:
6.41 MB


Verse 1

I know what everybody wants
I have the means to grab it all
I see the World for what is now
I see the people seem so small

It’s all the knowledge In the World
It;s all the power in my hand.
It’s everything I’ll ever want
And I need it.
It’s all control around the World.
It’s all displayed in my own hand
My phone gives me my breaking news.
‘Cause It’s my Power

Verse 2
I’ve gained position through some deals
I’ve gotten places never dreamed
I’ve stepped inside a shaking ball
It’s more complex than it had seemed.

Verse 3
My mission’s never been so clear
We’ve got to purge all that is wrong
You’ve got not much from me to fear
So long as you do what we’ve shown

Verse 4
All information that I hear
It’s all been filtered through my phone
Perhaps what everything I see
Is not what you see in your home

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