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BandXUSA - Generic "Sometimes I Hate When I'm Right"


Written Date:
Sunday June 6th, 1999
Published Date:
Sunday June 6th, 1999
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Did you ever think about the things you've done?
How the actions that you took would hurt someone
I knew that your emotions for me were pretend
'cause the ultimate projections would make you my friend

(refrain 1)
But I saw it
I felt it
I knew your mind
I remember
the time when
you felt so kind
You'll hurt me
You'll use
you can't believe
The feelings
I've seen them
I want to leave now

(Refrain 2)
Sometimes I hate when I am right
I knew my eyes have seen the light
Your fellings broke my heart again
I felt the truth burn in my brain
Just like the oceans dry away
I've seen the bedrock burn to grey
My trust in you is null despite
I know that I hate when I'm right

How does it feel to be the cause of all my pain?
When last you saw me what you felt had shown in vain.
For when you knew who I could be you felt the fright.
And in the way you looked at me I relized you plight.
(refrain 1)
(refrain 2)

(refrain 2)
(refrain 2)
(refrain 2)
(refrain 2)

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