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BandXUSA - Do Right "Goodnight"


Written Date:
Wednesday April 12th, 2023
Published Date:
Thursday June 15th, 2023
Track #:
Do Right
Song Length:
File Size:
6.27 MB


Verse 1

There’have been several times right in my life

That I could’not go through alone.

I was hurting so hard from the loss so rife

It’was pain right down’to my bone.

I could barely resist the call of hate

And lose myself in a hole.

But I know I’ll never stay in such a wretched state

As my optimism would extoll



Verse 2

Dis,ap,point,ment will occur

I’may never be ready for that

As all e,mo,tions start to stir

Should I give up trying, fall down flat.

I have never been a man

To give up in a fight

And I’ve never stopped trying to win

If, I, lose, my, nerves, and’bite

I could never forgive that sin



Verse 3

I’ve, been, saved, so many times 

from my heart’s despair

I’ve, been, pu-nished for my crimes

But helping’hands find it fair

They’ll pull, me, back, right to’my feet

And I, can, start anew 

They’ll help me make a clean new sheet

And I’ll come back to you




It’s all I could handle

And all I could try

To keep lit my candle

And not break down and cry

As’I flow through and rerun

A new day will be right.

I’ll know that with the setting sun

It’s time that I’ve said goodnight

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