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BandXUSA - Do Right "Here Come the Autocrats"


Written Date:
Friday April 21st, 2023
Published Date:
Thursday June 15th, 2023
Track #:
Do Right
Song Length:
File Size:
8.82 MB


Verse 1

Here come the Autocrats

They buy your votes with their bright red hats

They push their views using made up stats

And tell you that they’re here for you

Here come the Autocrats

They tell you they’re here to watch your backs

They secretly appear to build up cracks

And con you to a violent crew



Verse 2

Here come the Autocrats

They’tell’you’they’re for peace yet they fuel attacks

They’make’you’think’they’know but they really lack

The truth and any facts to use.

Here come the Autocrats

Dividing our beliefs using words like “woke”

Forcing us to fight, I tell you it’s no joke.

To ob,fu,scate and confuse your views.



Verse 3

Here come the Autocrats

They’re always telling lies and they have no facts

The people should beware of their solo tacts

And try to bruise the nation’s pride

Here come the Autocrats

Always trying to un,der,mine your vote

Claiming it’s been stolen, not what you wrote

And try to blame the other side




They always force their wa-y

And tell you what to sa-y

They want you to betra-y

This nation’s heart will sta-y



Here come the Autocrats x 8


Here come the Autocrats


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