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BandXUSA - Who "War Machine"


Written Date:
Sunday October 17th, 2010
Published Date:
Sunday October 17th, 2010
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(Verse 1)
I am a clone
I am a warrior
I fight to build my race
another honered kill
we'll conquer all
we'll take no prisoners.
we're bred to battle on
and win with fine tuned skill

We fight 'till we're all gone
We fight for glory
We fight for other blood and for honor
We're the War Machine.

(Verse 2)
I've seen a loss
I've seen us fail
The enemy was soft
He used deceptive means
We'll take revenge
We'll beath him down
We know just how to win
We eliminated schemes

(verse 3)
We will take the wars
We will be victorious
We will take the blue box
and we're gonna win.

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