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BandXUSA - The Change "The Saddest Part"


Written Date:
Sunday December 17th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday December 26th, 2017
Track #:
The Change
Song Length:
File Size:
7.02 MB


The Saddest Part

Verse 1

Waking up

in your arms

I feel our

sense of love

It’s a warm

and Tender calm

There are no words

from above.




I can feel your gentle skin

I can kiss your lips

I feel warmth in this bed we’re in

From my toes to my tips


But the Saddest part of my day

Is when you leave our bed

It’s time for us to wake

When it’s all is done and said

I wish that you could stay

And be with me instead

It’s the saddest part of my day

Verse 2

I’m in love

With you my jaan

You gave me hope

With all we’ve done

I kiss your back

As you lay still

And feel your soft

And gentle thrill






Verse 3

I’m at work

I think of you

A  smile just breaks

And I feel new

The thoughts of us

In our own bed

As we wake

Come through my head.




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