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BandXUSA - LCD "Still or Moving"


Written Date:
Tuesday February 3rd, 2015
Published Date:
Monday November 2nd, 2015
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Song Length:
File Size:
7.78 MB


(Verse 1)
There's a place we ought to go
Where the people won't perceive us
There's a place that we should go
Where there's no one to receive us
We can - have our fun
And explore our hidden visions
We can - be as one
And release our inhibitions

(Verse 2)
Take a chance, up where you stand
No disturbance will will ensue here
Take a chance and take my hand
Not a touch will come to you dear
I just - want a memry
What a beauty I believe
I just - see you softly
What an image I’ll retrieve

Come along, explore your passions
In a still or moving frame.
Come along, we’ll choose positions
In a still or moving frame
We can share our, private pleasures
In a still or moving frame
Come along, and share your treasures
In a still or moving frame

(Verse 3)
Don’t move, I’ve caught your image
Your mind express emotion
Don’t move, I’ve got your message
I see your love’s devotion
You show - what you want to
Your eyes portray desire
You show - all you want to
Your body shows your fire



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