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BandXUSA - LED "Everywhere in the World"


Written Date:
Saturday February 25th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday March 7th, 2017
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Song Length:
File Size:
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New Sight
All is right
Want to find another place
Hit Back
Leave here now with all great haste.
Race down
All round
Help me see the road again
Drive hard
Make a start
Come with me my friend

Verse 1
I have always thought about Travelling all around this planet
I have alway wondered what Another land would be.
I would run most everywhere
All around this blessed planet
I’d see beauty all around
Wherever I could see.

Verse 2
My phone tells me of places seen
Full of hope and full of knowledge
I can learn some useful things
Wherever it would be.
I’ll find roads to take me there
All from maps in my own pocket
Digitally stored right where.
My phone will help me see.


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