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BandXUSA - LED "There's an App for That"


Written Date:
Saturday February 25th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday March 7th, 2017
Track #:
Song Length:
File Size:
7.14 MB


Verse 1
You won’t believe me
It’s just been seen
A brand new function
A brand new meme
It helps immensely
It gets you there
It’s just so friendly
It’s nice and fair

Oh I don’t
believe it
I can do what I need
And my phone’s
beside me
I can finally be free
There’s an app for that
There’s an app for that

Verse 2
I see a problem
I see a bug
This thing is worthless
It’s just a mug
I spent the money
And now it’s broke
I don’t believe this
It’s just a joke.

Verse 3
This app is useful
This app is free
It helps me write things
It helps me see
I know the writer
He writes for good
It’s always freeware
He says it should


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