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BandXUSA - Who "Cybernetia 2010"


Written Date:
Tuesday April 27th, 2010
Published Date:
Tuesday April 27th, 2010
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(Verse 1)
Some beings are afraid here.
They do not want to be per-fec-ted drones.
Some beings don't deserve this 
But we won't let them be re-jec-ted bones. 
Are we here to upgrade them
Can we give them peace to live pro-duc-tive lives?
Our plan it will not disuade them
All we're going to do is give a chance to thrive...

Build...Upgrade...and lose emotion
As we mold...and make perfection
Then we  re...define...the human creature
refine...the World...through Cybernetia

(Verse 2)
I used to be among them
All emotions made me so un-ci-vi-lized.
My self was full of hatred
The violence made my head un-sa-ni-tized
If they could could all conceive us
They'll be more apt to believe in what we do.
They think we're all deceived  us
Without emotions do we have to prove....

(Verse 3)
Out came a new contagion
And we could not find a cure to neutralize
We found a viral agent
But it left us blind and all but paralyzed.
We had a chance to beat it.
It all came down and we're left in disbelief
I wish I knew to treat it
and then he came and gave us all relief...

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