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BandXUSA - LED "I Texted You"


Written Date:
Friday February 24th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday March 7th, 2017
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Song Length:
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Tap tap swipe jiggle
What do you know?
I sent you a new text message On your new phone.
Check your handset
I hope you don’t mind
A brand new comm from me Telling you that I’m fine.

Verse 1
I have travelled here oh so far.
I can’t believe this journey run in my car
I stopped in places you wouldn’t know.
They had an atmosphere that I could not show.


I drove,
I rode,
I made it this far.
I knew
I would
Run it with my car.
I moved,
I passed
I made it this way
I should
watch out
You know what they say

Verse 2
I should have listened,
now look at my state
I'm trapped up here not knowing my fate.
I should have stopped when it started to get rough
But you know me,
you know that I’m real tough

Verse 3
I’m back at home, and I’m safe with you now
My blessed journey showed me how
To be responsible and be what I can
I’m still myself,
you know who I am.

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