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BandXUSA - LCD "Proving Ground"


Written Date:
Thursday July 23rd, 2015
Published Date:
Monday November 2nd, 2015
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Song Length:
File Size:
7.43 MB


(Verse 1)
I open up the app to find Messages will say
Photos which I’ve posted there last night were for display
The members taken back agree the final still would sway
I've won again another prize to count again my play

And it’s all-right
No more sway
Posting each and every day
I look back
On the time
Sensing I’ll be doing fine

On the proving ground
   Try not make a sound
On the proving ground
   No post can go will go unfound
On the proving ground
   No rule to break, not bound
On the proving ground

(Verse 2)
Members writing words of praise How long will this all last
Their fickle minds, it’s just a phase They’ll lose their interest fast
I wonder why they’re so amazed The pictures in the past
The posts they make all seem half-crazed I’ll skip the mailing blast.



(Verse 3)
Feeling rather proud I fear My postings may be spread
Surreptitious me mbers here Have started their own threads.
They’ve made their reputation clear From this board they have fled
From those posts I won’t shed a tear Expect more posts ahead


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