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BandXUSA - Older "Younger"


Written Date:
Monday May 24th, 2021
Published Date:
Tuesday August 31st, 2021
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(Verse 1)
Lo--ng ago When times were s--o much simpler
I would act in a different way.
All my mind was fu--ll of love and danger
Wouldn’t think that I’d go astray

But my life turned out all so different
Didn’t think I would end up here
But I say it’s all been worth the changes
It’s much finer where I have steered.

When I was younger
Wouldn’t make a difference of what was wise or foolish
When I was younger
When I was bold
Never-thought-about-all-the cha-nces I-had-ta--ken.

(Verse 2)
No-w I’m grown and all seems convoluted
I must handle my life like this
Now no more can I takes those chances
Have to watch out for all the risks.




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