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BandXUSA - Do Right "On Fire"


Written Date:
Friday May 26th, 2023
Published Date:
Thursday June 15th, 2023
Track #:
Do Right
Song Length:
File Size:
7.98 MB


Verse 1

Last night, I walked out

To a mountain outside my home.

It was, a quick scout

But there was no place to roam 

There were trees felled,  And smoke was rising

I never felt so alone.

I could sense it, about to consume

The blaze came up and made known.



Verse 2

We can, reverse them

And keep our planet whole

Just make adjustments

We all need to take control

Stop reducing, The warnings

The years we argued stole

Our future, no funds gained

Will fill this empty bowl




The Wo-rld is on fire

It was coo-l not much prior

But the hea-t will conspire

To take away our soul

But the Wo-rld won’t retire

We’ll start to inspire

A whole new entire

world from pole to pole

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