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BandXUSA - The Change "Where do you go?"


Written Date:
Monday December 4th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday December 26th, 2017
Track #:
The Change
Song Length:
File Size:
6.18 MB


Where do you go?


Verse 1

There are moments

where you’re gone

There are times when

I’m not strong

I keep waiting

for so long

My mind is shaking,

Is it wrong?





And I feel this sense of dread

Maybe I’ll be better dead.

Without you here by my side

I’ve got no one to confide in...



Whe-re do you go?

And why- do you leave me?

Is it a-ll just for show?

Are you try-ing to hurt me?

Do-n’t run away

It feels you’ll desert me.

Please won’t you stay?

I need you here  


Verse 2

When you come home

I’m relieved

All my fear goes

There’s no need

All your passion

I do heed

But suspicion

Makes me bleed



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