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BandXUSA - Older "Middle Age"


Written Date:
Thursday May 27th, 2021
Published Date:
Tuesday August 31st, 2021
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(Verse 1)
Ima-gine that-it’s peaceful In chao-tic and turbulent times
There’s room fo-r a-new beginning For-some bra-nd new lyrical rhymes.
I’ve-gro-wn up wo-ndering now 'Have-I made a difference-in-life?’
Am I sti-ll simply wa-iting to restart-my thi-nking and try---?

I-s thi-s what it means to-be in middle age?
I-s thi-s how-I fill my life’s blank page?
Wha-t wou-ld you, say-to me for a clearer sign?
Ca-n yo-u be-my guide to- make life fine?

(Verse 2)
So-now I’m living in su-burban-streets the-re’s much-to tell.
You may i-magine that it’s Living like some kind of Hell.
Two cars, a mortgage and some children while they’re off to school
Some people think of me, a stupid man Some kind of fool.



(Verse 3)
I tell you middle-age has shaped to be so very rich
I’ve got experience and intelligence It’s not a pitch
Don’t think I’ve wa-sted my life There’s-alot I’ve built so far
I see the future and it’s clear and bright I’ve set my bar.


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