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BandXUSA - Do Right "Never Wanted"


Written Date:
Saturday April 15th, 2023
Published Date:
Thursday June 15th, 2023
Track #:
Do Right
Song Length:
File Size:
8.38 MB


Verse 1

I’could ne,ver kno-w what was love from crush

Would’not pe,ne,trate through that blinded rush

Would’have fa,llen deeper, so awkward young

Did’not look, a, keeper, my time’s begun




Verse 2

It‘was such, a, time, did, not know’my’needs’well

I’was not, aware, It was hard’to’tell

I’would make, a, moun,tain of all’I’d’take’in

They’were on,ly, mole,hills they’re’all’just’faking




Verse 3

Now’I’m grown, I, know, what things matter’to’me

My’eyes have, been, o,pened, now I’can’see

I’can feel, the, love, from the’ones’I’ve’chosen

They’gave me, the, warmth, when my’heart’was’frozen





All my me,mo,ries feel fine

As they’re all forgotten

All my feelings flow through time

Were they mis,be,got,ten



When I think of you, I realize 

`should have never started 

you were just a thought of which makes 

me glad we parted

If I weren't so blind I would not 

have ever hunted

Looking back in time

You're someone, I never wanted

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