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BandXUSA - LCD "Illumination Passion"


Written Date:
Saturday February 21st, 2015
Published Date:
Monday November 2nd, 2015
Track #:
Song Length:
File Size:
10.16 MB


(Verse 1)
Wai-ting in my chair, I’m a-nxious to see
the la-test po-stings, at a quarter to three.
then the i-con pops up, signaling a new share
I o-pen up the app, And I start to stare
Is it fu-n? a
nd is it ri-ght?

(Verse 2) 
W-atching, sa-ving, a milli-on likes
The po-sts all tell me, that there’s been some big spikes.
a new girl’s posted, See a ton of new views
as the la-test thread, and I am willing to choose
A-ll alo-ne. with my- ow-n sight.

Turn the screen on, And see the sight
Here we all talk it’s Dy-no-mite
Share your own thoughts and wrack you brain
answer all spots then you go insane
Illu-mina-tion Passion.
Illu-mina-tion Passion.

(Verse 3)
Wa-ting in the dark,
with the light of the screen
My Skin’s all moist, and it reflects a new sheen
The pale blue light is, turning me a new hue
with all these post right here, what’s there left to do?
maybe this.
or maybe that.


(Verse 4)
It’s la-te at night, and I am ready to sleep
my e-yes are stinging, but it’s too hard to keep
away from all this, maybe I’ll miss a post,
I’ll keep on trying, to connect to the host.
from my app on my machine.



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