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Written Date:
Wednesday October 13th, 2010
Published Date:
Wednesday October 13th, 2010
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(Verse 1)
He's trying to take me back again
He'll try to stop my schemes from then
I try to live by my own rules
He thinks I'm acting like a fool

He's stopped me many times
And every crime
was foiled by his attempts
I've caught him unaware
and unprepared
I forced him to defend.
He's left me totally
and forcibly
so vulnerable to end
And if he follows trends
he'll find his friends
Have all been

(Verse 2)
My lives were spent and now renewed
I've tried to help but not intrude
He thinks my plans are all for ill
and interferes with my work still


(Verse 3)
They call me Master
The call me Master it's true
I am the Master
I am the Master to you.


(Verse 3)
(Verse 3 and Refrain together) x 2

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