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Written Date:
Friday November 12th, 1999
Published Date:
Friday November 12th, 1999
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Do you believe
That Everything I do is for love?
Will you retrieve
the senses from the hatred crimes?
Don't you conceive
my visions from the places we'll be

Run with the dream
I'm Standing here a victim of time.
Run from the dream
Take power from your future lives girl
Steal what you need
from destiny you must control it
Here lies the seed
Just take your last breath feeling safely
Come I can see
Without me you're a victim of time

And you felt you be rid of me
like a desert with no rain
You'll be fine without your new life
'cause you caused me so much pain
Then I st here thinking of you
I've no passion I can find
You'll remember what my eyes see
I'm a victim of this time.

So you asked me for some time and you understood
You took away your fear as I knew you would
I explained about my sense wondering why I tried
Telling everything about me you almost cried.
Say you talk about it, talk about it, I could never be
your true forecaster
can't you see?
Don't ask me any questions, I will tell you no more
no understanding person should know what's in store.

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