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BandXUSA - The Change "Dreamgirl '17"


Written Date:
Thursday December 7th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday December 26th, 2017
Track #:
The Change
Song Length:
File Size:
7.82 MB


Dreamgirl ‘17

Verse 1
There’s no-one in this lovely world
Who’d match my perfect dreamgirl
There’s no-one who’d have grabbed my heart that way.
I’d never felt that way before
I met my perfect dreamgirl
She was everything I’d ever need to stay.

Here in my life
What could I do
My dreamgirl I was in love with you
I could not fight
I could not say
The things that made me feel that way.
I can’t believe
My life’s retrieved.
I’ve found new love which made me see
Sharing my love
All for that day
Dreamgirl took my breath...away

Verse 2
I found someone in this lovely world
Who’d match my perfect dreamgirl
She’s all that I could ever need to be.
She filled the hole that broke in me
Without my perfect dreamgirl.
She brought me back to life and set me free.

Verse 3
There’s no one I’ll remember more
Than my most lovely dreamgirl.
She gave me new perspective into life.
I’ve never loved another one
the way I loved my dreamgirl
When I, think of her, I always smile.

Verse 4 
I don’t know what my life would be
Without my perfect dreamgirl
We’re separate but we’ll never be estranged
I’ll cherish every single day
The friendship with my dreamgirl
My love is strong although it’s slightly changed


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