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BandXUSA - Older "Growing Old"


Written Date:
Sunday August 22nd, 2021
Published Date:
Tuesday August 31st, 2021
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(Verse 1)
Did you ever feel the jaws of time just close in?
Have you felt the sting of his bite?
Is it just the thought of the past become a memory?
I can feel that none of it's right?

I keep-- feeling-myself a-ge like cheap wine
Laid out in the Summer sun!
And I ca--n't seem to Get right, or feel fine
Lost all life to too much fun!

I'm growing old!
I'm growing old!
Too stinking old!
I'm growing old!

(Verse 2)
Were you ever scared of the blade of death to meet you?
Would you try to run from that fight?
I can now imagine the cut swipe in and through me?
Don’t know if I wanted that sight ?


(Verse 3)
Looking back I see my life dra-wn throughout a timeline?
I can see a wonderful sight?
Done so much and grown up througho-ut a solid lifetime?
All my life has shown to be bright..





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