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BandXUSA - Who "Regeneration 2010"


Written Date:
Friday May 7th, 2010
Published Date:
Friday May 7th, 2010
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Nine Lives
left over
all safe there's nothing left to save
It's fine
Do nothing
this place is safe again my friend
let's ride
move over
one more adventure we must tend
Come now
It's over
We'll be home in time to live again

And I lost my life again defending what I thought to save today
I'll heal my painful wounds I'll come right back there's nothing more to say
I believe that everyone has given up
They've lost temptation
just to find myself again I'm all repaired: Regeneration.

Nine Lives
All Over
It's time to die again my friend
stay sharp
Take heart now
Death comes to all us mortal
move on
don't grieve now
like a phoenix I'll be back again
go now
all over
Save all lives just as we did again.


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