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BandXUSA - Who "Last Survivor"


Written Date:
Monday October 18th, 2010
Published Date:
Monday October 18th, 2010
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(Verse 1)
I am
so alone
Through all the Stars in the Sky
I have lived
far too long
and I don't know why
I have changed
many lives
I can not explain
the truth behind my motives
Is all a bit too strange

(Verse 2)
I am
the last survivor
Of the Time Lord Race
I sent them in-to exile and
now I have no place
I tried to save the cos-mos from
all of its mis-takes
I tried to change
its his-to-ry
rewrite all its fates

(Verse 3)
Who am I That lives here?
Who is all I am.
I counted all the sins I've done
Now I have no plan
I use my friends as weapons
The enemies too fright
With all their sense of purpose
I have all the might
In the End.

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