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BandXUSA - The Change "Run Away"


Written Date:
Tuesday December 12th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday December 26th, 2017
Track #:
The Change
Song Length:
File Size:
5.44 MB


Run Away

Verse 1 
I cannot believe what you’ve done to my heart
And I can take it
Take it Every way
I do not believe what you done with my heart
And you can make it
Make it Every day

Won’t you ever listen
Would you have it my way
But you can think that it’s so stupid
When I voice… these… lessons

Run away (clap clap)
Run away….
Run away (clap clap)
Run away….

Verse 2
I am so alive with what you’ve done do my heart
And I like
Like it
I feel so great!
I feel so alive with how’ve woken my heart
And you strike it
Strike it.
There’s no debate.

Verse 3
You’ve become so needed in the core of my heart
And I miss you
Miss you
Oh please don’t go
I’ll be always waiting with the core of my heart
And I’ll kiss you
Kiss you
I think you know.

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