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BandXUSA - Do Right "Gun Culture"


Written Date:
Sunday April 9th, 2023
Published Date:
Thursday June 15th, 2023
Track #:
Do Right
Song Length:
File Size:
6.35 MB


Verse 1

A Child dies every day, from a gun

And no-w my gov’ment wants to make it fun

To hunt kids

They say a Fi-er-arm, is just a tool

To say they’re not fatal, you must be a fool

It’s Stupid



Verse 2

Another School shooting show on the news

My congress representative he, has no views

A judge says you can carry and hunt some kids

And now the manufacturers have placed their bids




It’s so frightening

Just like lightning

They’re such vultures 

From gun culture

Judges, damn fools

They want no rules

Though it seems mild

Congress runs wild,

and kills a child

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