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BandXUSA - LED "One More Thing"


Written Date:
Friday February 10th, 2017
Published Date:
Tuesday March 7th, 2017
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Song Length:
File Size:
6.90 MB


Verse 1

Waking up to screens is quite the style

Got a phone to help me all the while

I don’t need to say a word to you

I don’t have to be in front of you

I communicate through screens and I say




One more thing on the android

One more thing on the iphone

One more thing on the window

It’s a window to my soul

One more thing on the telephone

One more thing you know

One more thing and I’ll get to you

Then it’s time for me to come home



One more thing with the snapchat

One more thing to show

One more thing on the facebook

And I still have somewhere to go

One more thing with the twitter

One more thing to Tweet

One more person to follow

Maybe they’ll think I’m real sweet.


Verse 2

Texting out my plans keeps everything fine.

Chatting words brings out my thoughts in one line.

I can swipe the way around my mind

I can slide my sense ‘till I  am blind

All my world is screens and I say








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