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Since 1998 BandX has put out five albums. All of these have been electronic distributions as either downloads from our site or as purchases from third-party distributors. Because of the success we've had in delivering this content to you, we will still be offering these as electronic purchases from our main third-party distributor: CD Baby. You can download/purchase our songs from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Google Music, and a number of other digital distribution companies as well as CD Baby itself. It's they who helped us get our material on there. Of course we only have the latest three albums up there: 11R6, Planet, Who, LCD, and now LED. Generic and Marks the Spot are available on this site. Below you'll see the list of our albums and their respective songs.



LED - 2017

A poppy, happy, album describing the Theme: "Life in the so called 'Information Age'". This one is a slight departure in tone with a lot more emphasis on vocals and vocal layering with minimal synths. Another instant classic album. This one was put together in less than a month! We were really inspired. 

The Change

The Change - 2017

Our eighth studio album. This one is powerful and energetic. This one comes from the heart and is a slight departure from our usual mold of story telling. This one actuall has no theme... We'll let you figure it out.


LCD - 2015

"LCD" is an album descibed as "One man's addiction and battle to the electronic screen". We Brood and groove through his nightlife of seclusion, fantasy, and self-realization.


Who - 2010

"Who" is a techno-pop album containing all original songs serving as a tribute to the BBC television program: "Doctor Who".


Planet - 2008

This is the fourth Collection of music from our band focusing on atmospheric and etherial techno melodies and rhythms.


11R6 - 2005

Dancy, Fresh, Break-Beat, Trance. Clean and Pure with an energy that keeps you moving, driving, working. Truly "Electronic Music for the Masses".

Marks the Spot

Marks the Spot - 2003

Our only EP, this is a collection of dancy and poppy songs including four versions of the song: "Magical Thing".


Generic - 2000

Our first album with pop and instrumentals. This album was an experiment with sound, vocals, and studio production.

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